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Mul Anduma is the traditional attire for a Groom in kandyan style weddingwhich gives a majestic impression to the ceremony. It consist of an attractive crown and a jacket with lot of ornaments such as knife,Peras mudda(Ring), and a necklace etc..
We have a vast collectionof muledum with different colours and designs so that you can selectthem according to your wishes. If you need a person to dress you we canprovide one.

The ‘Udarata Mul Anduma’ is a very important as well as impressive form of dress. It is popular among not only kandyans as well as other Sinhalese during their marriage and other important events. A velvet jacket, four separated cloths, a carved knife, and four corner elaborated head gear make the wearer fell like a knight of yore. But many fail to realize its significance today.

If you are looking for Groom Wear, kandyan Costumes, kandyan wedding suits or Nilame Endum you cannot find any better place than us.

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